Building Resilience Post Covid

Robert Fettgather
2 min readFeb 6, 2024

The Institute for Personality and Ability Testing has certified Robert Fettgather as a Stress Management Trainer, and Medical Hypnosis Seminars of the Los Gatos Institute has certified him in Clinical Hypnotherapy. Robert Fettgather has served as Special Consultant in psychometrics to the Departments of Education and Developmental Disabilities for the State of California. He holds a specialist credential in learning handicapped and community college credentials in both learning and developmental disabilities.

Learning loss refers to the academic setbacks students may experience due to interrupted or disrupted education, and it has become a pressing concern in the COVID era. The causes of learning loss during the COVID era are multifaceted and interconnected. And for sure, the swift transition to remote learning caught many educational systems off guard.

The consequences of learning loss are far-reaching and can have a lasting impact on individuals and society as a whole. These include academic gaps, economic impacts and ever increasing inquality.

What can be done?

Addressing learning loss requires a comprehensive and collaborative approach involving educators, policymakers, parents, and the community. Some strategies to mitigate learning loss include providing equirable access to technology and support for vulnerable populations. Mental health and support programs help too. Blended learning, personalized instruction, and project-based approaches can engage students and address individual needs.

The collaborative efforts of educators, policymakers, and communities are essential to ensure that the pandemic does not become a lasting barrier to the educational success of generations to come.



Robert Fettgather

Dr. Robert Fettgather holds a PhD in psychology, master’s degrees in psychology and special education, and a bachelor of arts in psychology.